Congressman introduces bill that criminalizes criticism of any “non-White person”

Criticism of any non-White person would potentially result in a conspiracy charge

US Congressman Sheila Jackson Lee has represented the 18th district of Texas since 1995. She is the sole sponsor of House Bill 61, which she introduced on January 9th, 2023.

Lee titled the bill “Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023.” It calls for a new type of federal hate crime conspiracy charge solely aimed at White people.

It says individuals can be charged with a “conspiracy to engage in a White supremacy hate crime” for crimes or plots they had no actual knowledge of.

Anyone who criticizes immigration or vilifies any “non-White person or group” in an article or social media post can be charged with this crime. They would face this charge if someone they have never met or communicated with is accused of “planning, development, preparation, or perpetration” of a crime.

Lee’s bill would be a soft repeal of the US Constitution’s first amendment.

On the same day that Jackson introduced HR 61, she also co-introduced HR 40, which calls for a federal commission on reparations for slavery. Ultimately the purpose would be to give free money to Black Americans. A total of fifty-two Democrats are currently sponsoring HR 40.