Columbus, Ohio sues Kia & Hyundai over surge of “teens” stealing cars

Says Kia and Hyundai make cars that are too easy to steal

City Attorney Zach Klein

In cities across America, motor vehicle thefts have surged. This website previously reported on this surge in New Orleans and also in Philadelphia.

In many places, politicians are deflecting from the real reasons for crime and blaming certain car models for being too easy to steal. They also blame Tik Tok for having auto theft instructional videos.

Columbus, Ohio, has escalated this by filing a lawsuit against Kia and Hyundai.

“The taxpayer cost of Kia and Hyundai’s negligence continues to rise as local law enforcement diverts limited resources to investigate thefts, respond to crimes, and assess property destruction. It’s time we held these automakers accountable for cheating consumers and passing the buck and responsibility to clean up the mess they made onto the rest of us.” – Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein.

In 2021, Columbus, Ohio, experienced their highest homicide rate in the city’s history. So it is no surprise that other crimes are surging as well.

The city claims that 42% of the successful thefts during the first ten months of 2022 involved a Kia or a Hyundai. The city says the surge in car thefts is being driven by “teens,” some of whom learn how to steal cars using social media.

The suspects arrested for auto theft in Columbus, Ohio in 2021 (according to data sent to the FBI by the department):

79% Male
21% Female

79% Black
21% White/Latino/Other

43% of males arrested were under 18
51% of females arrested were under 18

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