ABC affiliate puts their racial agenda on display

What is different about these back to back homicide stories from the same outlet?

On March 9th, the Columbus, Ohio, ABC affiliate published back-to-back articles about homicides. The police had released pictures of both homicide suspects. Photos of both victims are widely available.

On February 22nd, Michael Sarratt, a thirty-six-year-old White male, was murdered in Columbus, Ohio. This morning, the Columbus police department named Cassandra Franklin as the suspect and asked for the public’s help in finding her.

WSYX ABC 6 published a new article stating the suspect’s name. They used three photographs, none showing the potentially dangerous at-large suspect. They also did not show the victim. They had three photos of the crime scene investigation.

Immediately after, WSYX ABC 6 published another new article about a different homicide, which police had just released new information. This was the killing of Renee Benedetti, a 40-year-old White female, in late January. Her boyfriend, Gene Scott, a White male, has been charged with killing her. Scott is in custody.

WSYX ABC 6 used Scott’s mugshot as the thumbnail and included a picture of the victim.

An at-large Black homicide suspect who poses a potential ongoing threat is censored, while a White suspect in custody is displayed.

Victim Michael Sarrat

It could not be any more blatant. The station appears much more concerned with political correctness than public safety.

Columbus set a new record for the highest homicide rate in the city’s history in 2021. According to data submitted to the FBI by the Columbus PD, 87.7% percent of known homicide suspects in 2021 were Black, even though the city is only about 30-31% Black.

If you only watched WSYX ABC 6, you would never know this. They aggressively hype the small minority of White homicide suspects to skew reality.


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