Ohio man receives 8 – 9.5 years for assaulting police officers during a George Floyd riot last year

Most rioters have been getting off with little or nothing

During the 2020 George Floyd riots, the rioters caused at least 35 deaths, 25 non-fatal gunshot wounds, and hundreds of other injuries.

We have seen a shocking lack of people being prosecuted for crimes related to the riots. District Attorney’s Offices dropped charges for thousands of people. Thanks to sweetheart plea deals, even those prosecuted have primarily escaped any prison time. 

Brandon Pack appears to have received the longest prison sentence we know of so far. Pack was charged with throwing bricks at police officers during a George Floyd riot in Columbus, Ohio. He also shot fireworks at police, which caused burns to several officers.

He was charged with thirteen first-degree felonies, a fourth-degree felony, and two fifth-degree felonies. He plead guilty to three first-degree felonies and the minor felonies. In exchange, ten of his first-degree felonies were dropped.

He was sentenced to 8 – 9.5 years. Of course, he could get paroled far sooner.

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