Crazed wokies demand Aurora City Council member resign for “racism”

Marrying a Black woman was not woke enough

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Aurora City Council member Steve Sundberg made comedic videos to keep his restaurant alive. He pretended to have different accents (Mexican, Indian, Arabic, German, Swedish) and dressed in corresponding costumes. The videos aimed to get people to come in for take-out orders.

They were so shocking that activists have only just now noticed them. NBC National News accused him of “using racial and religious stereotypes to portray Muslim, Latino, Black, and Asian people” and said the videos reflect “racism.”

For some reason, NBC News and the activists ignore the videos where he pretends to be from Germany or Sweden. In the video where he speaks with a fake Swedish accent, he refers to himself as involved in “raping and pillaging.” Why is this not “racism.”

Activists are demanding that he resign. Sundberg issued an apology, but refuses to resign.

Sunderberg is married to a Black woman and has interracial children. The videos also prominently feature a Latino chef who works at the bar and a Black male. There are also female bartenders of different races in the videos.

Sundberg owns the Legends of Aurora Sports Grill.

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