SF and openly Marxist groups march for open borders in Ireland

March was a broad showcase of Ireland's far-left activist community

To combat the grassroots protest movement against open borders in Ireland, dozens of wealthy organizations came together to denounce their political opponents as “racist.”

Organizers claim that 50k people attended the march, which was heavily promoted by the media. If you look at the signs people were carrying, it was as much about promoting Marxism, public housing, free healthcare, transsexual “medical care,” and other causes as it was about open borders. It was essentially a broad showcase of Ireland’s far-left activist community featuring communists, militant feminists, militant transgender activists, Black racial nationalists, and labor unions. At the forefront of the march was Sinn Féin, Ireland’s far-left, Marxist political party that got 24% in the 2020 election.

Marxist activists in Ireland believe that changing the electorate by importing economic migrants is the key to gaining power in Ireland. In this way, open borders are a tactic to undermine democracy and deny the will of the native population by creating new voters.

Many of the organizations involved have deep pockets.

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