Suspect in public beheading is an illegal alien previously charged with raping a minor in 2012, but was never deported

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

A man arrested for publicly beheading a woman in California is an illegal alien from Venezuela. He traveled to the USA on a tourist VISA over ten years ago and never left.

Jose Landaeta Solano is charged with murder and a variety of other crimes for the beheading of Karina Castro with a sword in San Carlos, California.

Castro leaves behind a seven and a one-year-old behind. Solano fathered the one-year-old.

After overstaying his VISA, he was accused of raping an unconscious minor in San Mateo County, California, in 2012. He was given a sweetheart plea deal in which he pleaded guilty to statutory rape. He was sentenced to probation and served no jail time. San Mateo County is a self-described “sanctuary city” that protects illegal aliens, including dangerous criminals. They refused to cooperate with ICE, so he was never deported.

Later, the authorities expunged his record. Before Solano was beheaded, she sent messages to Solano threatening to tell other people about the rape charge.

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