BLM / “Pan-Africanist” charged with trying to murder left-wing Jewish mayoral candidate in Louisville, KY

He's "a good kid" says family

Quintez Brown is a Black Lives Matter [BLM] activist and a former columnist for the Louisville Courier-Journal. Today he was charged with attempted murder. Authorities say he entered the campaign office of Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg and fired multiple rounds at him from a 9mm GLOCK handgun. One round grazed the shirt that Greenberg was wearing.

Greenberg is an attorney, a member of the University of Louisville Board of Trustees, and a board member for the Metro Louisville United Way and Louisville Jewish Community Center. Greenberg’s campaign calls for massive spending on projects in Black neighborhoods to fight alleged “systemic racism.” Greenberg says that he will give an “African American” led board control of hundreds of millions to invest in Black neighborhoods and businesses on the West Side. This will be funded by “tax increment financing.” All while freezing property tax increases in Black neighborhoods to fight “gentrification.”

Greenberg has pledged to “consider the racial justice impact of every decision the metro government makes.” Louisville is about 65% White and 24% Black.

Brown had recently announced he was running for Louisville Metro Council’s District 5 seat. He previously worked as an intern for Louisville Courier and wrote racially charged columns before going “missing” in June of 2021. His family said he had been found two weeks later and asked for privacy.

Brown pleaded “not guilty” to attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment. He was given a $100k bail. Local media coddled Brown, calling him a “civil rights activist.”

Brown’s family members hired an attorney who told the media that Brown “is a good kid” and suffers from “mental health issues.” The family denies that the attack was a “hate crime.”

According to a former prosecutor, Brown faces ten to twenty years. However, he could get paroled under Kentucky law in as little as two years since he was a poor marksman, and Greenberg did not get hit by a bullet.

Louisville was scene of numerous killings and attempted killings during the BLM riots of 2020:

May 28th, seven people were shot during a Louisville BLM riot. One was said to be critically injured.

June 1st, a 53 year old Louisville Black street vendor was shot and killed by the national guard after he opened fire during a riot.

June 27th, a White man was shot shot and killed by a mixed-race suspect at a BLM “occupation” of a Louisville park.

September 18th, a Black male wearing a BLM inspired t-shirt murdered two White males and one Black male at a Louisville bar

September 23th, a Black male suspect shot two police officers at a Louisville BLM riot

November 23, high-profile Louisville BLM leader Hamza “Travis” Nagdy was shot and killed. The FBI concluded that a Black male suspect shot him during a carjacking.

In the aftermath a major BLM rioting, homicides exploded in the city. The city set new records for its highest homicide rate of all time in 2020 and 2021.

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