Houston High School coach beaten and hospitalized by middle schoolers during baseball practice

Was this a hate crime?

In Houston, Texas, a baseball coach for Langham Creek High School was brutally beaten and hospitalized by middle school-aged perps from another school. The coach suffered a broken arm and other injuries.

The perpetrators drove dirt bikes onto school grounds during baseball practice. When assistant coach Micheal Schott ordered them to leave, they attacked him.

Schott is a White male, and the perpetrators are all Black males who attend nearby Aragon Middle School. Langham Creek High School is 18% Black, and Aragon Middle School is 16% Black. The perpetrators were “detained” by police, and the school district alleged that they would face “consequences.” Their identities are classified.

Local media has not mentioned the racial angle, even though the same media outlets have displayed an obsession with race when reporting other stories.

Many have expressed skepticism on social media that the perps will face any real consequences for their violent crime. The attack occurred last Friday, and the perps have still not been charged with any crimes.

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