Black serial killer, who allegedly killed six Whites & Latinos, is finally caught

Was allegedly "out hunting" when caught

Police say Wesley Brownlee, 43, killed six men in Stockton since last July. Brownlee is a Black male and he appears to have specifically targeted light skinned victims. Stockton police claim they apprehended him while he was “out hunting” for his seventh victim.

The victims are Paul Yaw, 35, Salvador Debudey Jr., 43, Jonathan Hernandez Rodriguez, 21, Juan Cruz, 52, Lawrence Lopez Sr., 54, and Miguel Vazquez.

Police also say they are also investigating Brownlee in the wounding of a Black female. No details have been provided in this case.

A majority of all serial killers in the US have been Black. A large percentage of these serial killers targeted non-Black victims. However, the US media and Hollywood only hype White serial killers.

Recent serial killers:

Perez Reed was recently charged with seven murders. Reed is Black and targeted Black male and female victims. Fredrick Demond Scott is awaiting trial for six murder. He is a Black serial killer who is accused of killing six White male and female victims. Scott explicitly stated that he wanted to kill as many White people as possible. Anthony Robinson is facing four counts of murder. He is a Black male who targeted Black and White female victims.

Black serial killer Joseph Brant recently pleaded guilty to the murder of Kirsten Brydum. She is the left-wing activist from San Francisco who was murdered in New Orleans while campaigning for Barack Obama. Brant is already in prison for three other murders.

Billy Chemirmir, an immigrant from Kenya, is currently on trial for killing between 18-24 women. He specifically targeted elderly White women. He is believed to be one of the most prolific serial killers in US history.

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