Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputy arrested for double-murder

Why was this guy a cop?

Devin Williams Jr., 24, was taken into custody for the murder of two people in Dublin, California. He surrendered peacefully after a forty-five minute telephone conversation with the Dublin police chief.

Williams is an Alameda County, California Sheriff’s Deputy. He was previously hired by the Stockton, California police department, but failed to pass the probationary period.

He allegedly killed Benison Tran, 57, and his wife, Maria Tran, 42, execution style. Williams met Maria at a mental hospital, where she is a nurse. The Trans leave behind a son.

Why did the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department have a deputy who was going to a mental hospital and had already been kicked off the Stockton, California police force? Do they lower their standards in the name of “diversity and inclusion?”

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