Asian leaders say “racist” Seattle City Council is using Chinatown as a dumping ground for homeless people

Asian community plays "racism" card in fight against massive new homeless shelter

Seattle’s Chinatown International District [CID] is poised to get many new residents. The city of Seattle will open a $66.5 million mega-shelter to accommodate five hundred homeless.

Many Asian leaders are crying foul and accusing the city government is perpetuating “institutional racism.” They say the city uses the Asian community as a dumping ground for the homeless. There are numerous shelters and homeless camps in and near the CID already.

In the southwest corner of the CID, next to a large BMW dealership, there are already two taxpayer-funded Salvation army homeless shelters. These dormitory-style facilities can accommodate up to 270 people. However, the lease held by the Salvation Army was set to expire in November. Their operation in the area had been winding down.

The $66.5 million plan will use city, county, and federal funds to keep the Salvation Army facilities running and develop the surrounding area into a homeless center mega-plex. It will include fifty prefabricated tiny housing units, a parking lot, special parking for RVs, a behavioral mental health facility, and a “sobering center.”

The plan involves using former businesses that were already acquired through eminent domain for the construction of a new overpass. A four-lane road, Airport Way South, will be eliminated to make way.

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