Arizona also putting out false homicide data

Carelessness or outright fraud?

The Arizona Department of Public Safety [AZDPS] is operating a searchable database. However, much like the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, they are putting out fake statewide homicide numbers.

From 2021 to 2022, the CDC says Arizona had a 12% increase in assault-homicides. The Maricopa County Medical Examiners report a 16% increase in assault homicides. The Phoenix police report a 13% increase in homicides. Yet, AZDPS reports a 9% decline in homicides.

However, right off the bat, we noticed that they claim Tucson went from 81 homicides in 2021 to 15 in 2022. The Tucson police department website is reporting 69, though local media are reporting numbers as high as 75. At the least, 15 is a 54 homicide error. 

Various media outlets are reporting that Arizona had 513 homicides in 2020. Arizona DPS is reporting 473.

We recently discovered a 100 homicide error in the brand new Crime Report from the Kentucky State Police. They had 59 homicides for Louisville when the actual number was supposed to be 159.


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