Antifa “Anarchists” are demanding forced vaccinations in Germany

How does an "Anarchist" demand that the government force things on people?

If you search Antifa Twitter accounts for comments about the coronavirus vaccines, you will find that they are universally wildly supportive of the vaccines. People who, for various reasons, feel that it is not necessary for them to take the vaccine, are demonized as “coronazis.”

In Germany, Antifa are taking the most extreme stance, demanding that the German government forcibly vaccinate everyone.

In this photograph, German Antifa hold a banner exclaiming “We will vaccinate you all!”  The banner is complete with the Anarchy symbol and the Soviet Hammer & Sickle.

In this photograph we see a banner reading “Vaccination is Love.” On the ground in front of the banner, is the Antifa Black/Red dual flag logo.

This photograph is being passed around on US social media and called an anti-vaccination banner by Antifa. However, the wording on the banner is really just nonsense. It says “System Updates for Conspiracies,” and “Ticks – Unit Command.” The small sign, however, says “vaccinate us!” Clearly this has been misidentified by Americans who do not speak any German.

German Antifa are even selling masks and t-shirts, where the “Anarcho-Communist” Black/Red flag logo has been combined with Black/Red syringes. The writing reads “Resistance is called Antifa, Immunized (Vaccinated) and Wonderful.”

German Antifa are usually ahead of their American copycats in terms of extremism and violence. After all, the name and the logo are German. It comes from the paramilitary wing of the former German Communist Party. Essentially, places like Leipzig, Hamburg, and Berlin are ground zero. Antifa outside of German, then aspire to be like the Antifa in German. In the Pacific Northwest, Antifa in the Portland metro area are probably the most widespread, extreme and violent, while other American Antifa aspire to copy their activities in Portland.

So Americans can probably look forward to Antifa demanding forced vaccinations in the Pacific Northwest, followed by other Antifa around the country copying this rhetoric.

Some German Antifa have taken things even further. Yes, all Germans must be forcibly vaccinated. However, to atone for their white/German guilt, they should vaccinate non-Europeans in the third world and Germany should be vaccinated last, since Germans are very bad people, you know.

Some Twitter users have been trolling German Antifa accounts by replying to tweets with ads for volunteers for vaccine trials.

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