Former Rep. Steve King speaking at CPAC shadow event

Steve King was a regular at CPAC for years until they canceled him

This weekend, the Conservative Political Action Committee [CPAC] is holding its annual conference in Orland. This year’s theme is opposition to canceled culture and censorship. Panels discussions will include censorship and big tech deplatforming. Ironic since CPAC began canceling people in the 1990s. Jared Taylor and American Renaissance were among the first to ever be canceled by the event. American Renaissance had a table at the conference twice before being banned from the event. In more recent years, CPAC began banning people from attending. In some cases, people who already bought tickets were barred from entering.

This year, CPAC wanted to prove how edgy they were by having a provocative black speaker who calls himself “Young Pharoah.” He is known for saying derogatory things about white people. Among other things, Young Pharoah claims blacks are greatly superior to white people because of neuromelanin. At the last minute, CPAC canceled Young Pharoah because he said that he believed Judaism was an invalid religion and offered to debate Jewish Rabbis on Twitter.

A parallel event is being held in the same city called America First Political Action Committee [AFPAC].

The organizer is censored former Youtuber Nick Fuentes. Censored former Youtube James Vincent [Red Elephants] is also speaking, along with commentators Michelle Malkin and Jon Miller.

However, the real coup is the inclusion of former Representative Steve King.  He represented Iowa in the US House of Representatives from January 2003 to January 2021. At the request of the media, his own party stripped him of all House committee positions during his final term. In 2020, the Republican establishment went all out to defeat him in a primary challenge to get rid of him. His crime was speaking out too strongly against immigration.

Steve King previously spoke at numerous CPAC conferences. In 2020, CPAC allowed him to give an unofficial five-minute introduction for a panel discussion on “Freedom of Speech.” However, he was reportedly banned from ever speaking during a CPAC conference after that.

If CPAC really wanted to be edgy and provocative, as well as take a real stand for conservatism, they would have brought back Steve King for another speech, not Young Pharoah.

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