Far-left German radio host denounced as “racist” for not liking androgynous Korean boy band

Even far-left whites are not allowed to have negative opinions of any non-white person

Matuschik's Twitter header includes two different Antifa slogans, including FCK AFD, which refers to the German conservative party Alternative für Deutschland
Matthias Matuschik “Holy Sh*t”

Matthias Matuschik, a far-left German radio talk show host, is under worldwide social media attack because he compared a Korean boy band to a virus. 

Matuschik is a host for Bayern3, a public radio station in Bavaria. The radio station is currently standing by him, saying he was expressing himself in an “exaggerated manner” and using “exaggerated words.” Left-wing activists and Korean pop music fans are demanding that the station fire him. They are denouncing Matuschik as “racist” using the hashtag #RacismBayern3, which is trending on Twitter.

The band is question is called BTS. They are Korean males who have had plastic surgery to give them an androgynous appearance. They sing in English. The band’s hardcore fans themselves “BTS Army” and are already notorious for behaving like a troll army that fights with critics of the band.

Recently BTS did a cover of the song Fix This by Coldplay. After hearing the cover, Matuschik said, “These little a**holes brag about the fact they covered ‘Fix You’ from Coldplay; this is blasphemy. For this, you will be vacationing in North Korea for the next 20 years!”

Then he referred to the band as “some crappy virus that hopefully there will be a vaccine for soon as well.”

In reality, Matuschik is a leftist who has Antifa slogans right in his Twitter header. In fact, in December of 2019, prominent German Antifa Twitter and Facebook accounts publicly praised him.

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