Arab man charged with hate crime for randomly stabbing an Asian pedestrian in NYC

Must be another "White Nationalist"

Recently MSNBC and NBC National News have aggressively promoted an alternate reality where Donald Trump and “White Nationalism” are to blame for a series of black-on-Asian hate crimes in the San Francisco Bay area. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, also recently blamed “White Supremacy” for an increase in interracial violence against Asians.

To promote this wildly false narrative, hundreds of people held a march last weekend in New York City to blame “White Nationalism” for the murder of Vicha Ratanapakdee, an 84-year-old Asian man in San Francisco. A 19-year-old black male suspect is facing murder charges for this crime.

Last Tuesday, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio joined in. He announced a new initiative to fight “hate crimes against Asians,” yet he never mentioned who commits these crimes.

Now a man has been charged with attempted murder as a hate crime for a random stabbing attack against an Asian pedestrian in Brooklyn. It occurred last night.

The man has an Arabic name, Salman Muflihi. This surname is most commonly associated with Yemen and, in particular, former South Yemen. A partially obscured picture of the man shows that he is clearly of Middle Eastern/North African appearance.

After stabbing a man in the back, Muflihi approached a security guard at the nearby Manhattan district attorney’s office and asked for police. He said he didn’t like the way his victim looked at him.

Police say he stabbed the man in the back with an eight-inch knife, just narrowly missing a lung. Mayor de Blasio called the attack “just pure hate.”

Once again, this attack highlights the absolute absurdity of the narrative being pushed by NBC, Pelosi, de Blasio, and others.

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