Zelensky speaks to US Congress, demands US create “no-fly zone”

Zelensky asks America to shoot down Russian aircraft

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivers a virtual address to Congress by video at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, March 16, 2022. (Sarah Silbiger, Pool via AP)

Ukrainian President Zelensky spoke to the US Congress via video today. He played a montage of gruesome pictures followed by the words “Close The Skies.” Zelensky asked the US to enter the war militarily and shoot down Russian aircraft.

He accused American leaders of seeking profit over peace by continuing to allow some goods from Russia to come into the USA. Zelensky also invoked 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and Martin Luther King.

Congress gave him a standing ovation.

Zelensky’s rhetoric fluctuates across a large spectrum. On the one hand he demands that other nations enter a war against Russia to save Ukraine. While at the same time saying Ukraine is humiliating Russia and doesn’t need NATO or anyone else to protect them. NATO announced that they are sending a variety of Soviet-era anti-aircraft batteries to Ukraine.

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