American who volunteered to fight in Ukraine says he immediately deserted after Yavoriv strike

When redditors go to war

American citizen says he went to Ukraine to join the Georgian National Legion as a foreign volunteer. The base he was taken to in Ukraine was hit by Russian missiles. It appears he is talking about Yavoriv. He says he immediately deserted after the missile strike.

There is a large community on social media, especially Reddit, who fantasize about going to Ukraine to fight. However, they have no idea what the realities of war actually are. Many sound like their motivation is to re-enact things they have seen in video games and movies.

The following is a commercial for becoming a foreign fighter in Ukraine. A Ukrainian state-sponsored media outlet published it.

Notes: Everything in the video appears legit. He uses the correct terminology. Georgian Legion and Territorial Defense. It is being reported in the Kiev media that newly arrived foreign volunteers are being put on the front lines northwest of Kiev. Young males are being grabbed when they try to cross the border, this has been reported in the international press. It was reported today that at least three British volunteers did die at Yavoriv. Ukrainian media has widely reported that new volunteers are receiving three days of training. This information has been syndicated all over the world. Everything he says sounds correct and exactly what he should have expected traveling to a major active warzone. What is so shocking about the video is that he went to Ukraine not expecting any of this.

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