Ukrainian teenage war refugee raped by Iraqi and Nigerian “Ukrainians” in Germany

Surprise, surprise...

An 18-year-old unnamed Ukrainian female, fleeing war in Ukraine, was placed on the hotel ship “Oscar Wilde” in Düsseldorf. Ukrainian refugees were placed in empty rooms next to paying customers.

Local police say the woman was sexually attacked by two other occupants, a 37 year old Iraqi and a 26-year-old Nigerian. The suspects have Ukrainian passports. The authorities say they are investigating how they acquired these passports.

Heiko Teggatz, head of the federal police union in Germany, stated, “Politicians should now do everything to ensure that such terrible cases of rape as on the hotel boat in Düsseldorf do not accumulate. Harsh and swift punishment followed by deportation is the only language such perpetrators understand.”

Of course, everyone knows that “harsh and swift punishment” does not exist in Germany.

Yesterday, Germany ordered Poland to stop sending Ukrainian refugees to Berlin.

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