DOD confirms storing Soviet-era bioweapon related pathogens in Ukrainian labs

Another "conspiracy theory" turns out to be true

Dr. Robert Pope, Director of the Cooperative Threat Reduction [CTR] Agency for the Department for the Defense [DOD], has confirmed the “conspiracy theory.” Pope says that the United States preserved samples of Soviet-era pathogens at these labs.

He says that these pathogens are related to Soviet-era bio-weapon research. The DOD is continuing Soviet-era bioweapon research. The official reason is to mitigate the threat of any other nation making similar bioweapons.

Twitter and Facebook are still screaming “FactCheck False!” to this true story, by lying about what the story is. In their “factcheck” text they say “the US owns no biolabs in Ukraine.” No one is claiming this. This is not what people have been saying. The US government funds Ukrainian labs and hires American contractors to work in these labs. The money comes from the Biological Weapons Threat Reduction Program of the CTR. This is something the fake “FactCheckers” do all the time. They alter the story into something no one is even claiming and then label it “false.”

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the CRT claimed it was working with former Soviet Republics to destroy assets related to nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.

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