Sweden tells Ukrainian refugees not to wear short skirts, bikinis, or revealing clothing in front of other migrants

Imagine that

Female Ukrainian war refugees at the Galaxen Refugee Center in Olofström have been ordered to cease wearing short skirts and revealing clothing. The same center is also housing male non-European economic migrants. Swedish authorities say the men will be provoked by skimpy attire.

Gitana Bengtsson, who works at center, confirmed that Ukrainian women were given a dress code. She she says she opposes this. Annika Sjöstedt, a member of the Social Democrats and deputy chairman of the local municipal board, says the dress code stems from Ukrainian women wearing bikinis to the dining hall.

Galaxen is a resort-like complex on Lake Slagesnäs in a rural area. Ironically, there is a nudist camp right down the street.

Last March, a Ukrainian teenage girl was allegedly gang raped by men from Iraq and Nigeria in Düsseldorf, Germany. The woman was supposed to be in a safe place. However, Iraqis and Nigerians were apparently allowed to enter the facility by falsely claiming to be Ukrainian.

Galaxen Refugee Center

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