We have found 268 confirmed interracial homicides in 2023 so far

Here is a full tally

National Conservative is attempting to create the largest sample size of interracial homicides ever created. The purpose is to create the most complete and comprehensive picture of what interracial homicide looks like in the USA.

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You can support this project by sending us ones we have not listed yet. Please only send homicides from 2023.

Full Tally: 268

Black: 186

Black-on-White: 149
Black-on-Latino: 24
Black-on-Central Asian: 5
Black-on-East Asian: 6
Black-on-Middle Easterner: 1
Black-on-Pacific Islander: 1

Latino: 43

Latino-on-White: 24
Latino-on-Black: 14
Latino-on-East Asian: 4
Latino-on-Central Asian: 1

White: 25

White-on-Black: 18
White-on-Latino: 4
White-on-Central Asian: 2
White-on-Pacific Islander: 1

Other: 14

American Indian-on-White: 4
Alaskan Native-on-White: 1

East Asian-on-Latino: 3
East Asian-on-White: 1
Pacific Islander on White : 2
Central Asian-on-Black: 1
Middle Eastern-on-White: 2

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