Washington Post urges Black Americans to move to Ghana

America is super racist, escape to Ghana!

The Washington Post published an opinion piece urging Black Americans to move to Ghana to escape alleged “racism.” The article says that even White liberals place Black people “at risk.”

However, the Washington Post says that Black Americans are no longer “trapped” in the White man’s land and forced to “endure its ills” and “brutalities.” The Washington Post cites social media networks such as Nomadness Travel Tribe, Travel Noire, and Blaxit Global as evidence that Black Americans are escaping the White man’s clutches and creating new lives in Africa.

Ghana is actively trying to recruit Black Americans as tourists as well as new permanent residents. During the George Floyd riots, the government of Ghana even capitalized on the riots to promote a Black exodus to Ghana.

Numerous Black Americans have made YouTube videos about living in Ghana. They generally describe it as a mixed bag. Some have even come back to America after realizing the evil White man was not so bad after all.

Ironically, the dominant ethnic group in Ghana is the Ashanti. Despite the fact that the Congressional Black Caucus and Black American college fraternities celebrate this tribe, the Ashanti kingdom was the primary entity that enslaved other Africans who were taken to the American south.

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