Was Stair the first to kill over trans ideology?

The media never talked about it

A transsexual murdered six people, including three children, at a Nashville school. The chief of police says the killer left behind a manifesto, and the motive may have been related to trans ideology.

It remains to be seen if the “mainstream” media reports the findings of local police. After the Weis Market shooting spree of June 8th, 2017, most media censored all details about the killer’s “gender identity” and motivation.

“I’m a girl who’s been trapped in a man’s body for two and a half decades, and I need to get the hell out. I don’t belong on this planet, nor have I ever. I need to die, and I’m taking whomever I can down with me.” – Spree Killer Randy Stair

Randy Robert Stair, 24, went on a spree shooting in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. He murdered three of his co-workers at a Weis Market grocery store. Afterward, he committed suicide. Stair left behind a note saying he was mad about being “a girl who’s been trapped in a man’s body.”

Stair, who went by Andrew Blaze on Youtube, left a seventeen-hour-long audio track titled “suicide tape” on youtube. The audio track was published on June 7th. On-screen dates show the content was recorded on several different days starting on December 27th, 2016. Stair begins the audio track by talking about struggling with his “feminine” feelings. He keeps repeating that he was sent to the earth to “spread this cause” over and over.

Stair also uploaded a forty-two-minute “goodbye” video on June 7th. It features a video of Stair, EMO-style music, and an animation that appears to glorify spree shootings. His videos show that he was planning to carry out the shooting for months.

Randy Stair’s victims

Stair idolized the Columbine Killers, the two far-left High School students who murdered fifteen classmates in 1999. The Columbine killers scheduled their shooting spree with the planned breakup of the Marxist German Industrial rock band KMFDM. One of the killers wrote in his journal that he wanted to kill “racist people.”

The media aggressively tries to re-invent incidents to fit their narrative, even if it means lying about it. Some major media outlets have aired fake news stories claiming the Columbine killers were “neo-Nazis” even though one of them was Jewish. Students told local media that the Columbine killers wore make-up, nail polish, and were perceived as being bisexual. Not only did this never make the national news, Rolling Stones ran an article explicitly denying that the Columbine killers wore make-up.

There have been many mass killers who were left-wing activists. The media just doesn’t talk about them. Here are three recent ones

There have also been other trans mass killers since Stair.

In 2018, Snochia Moseley killed three and wounded three in Aberdeen, Maryland. She was born a female but was on hormonal drugs to transition to a man.

In 2019, Alec McKinney, was the accomplice in a mass shooting at a school in Douglas County, Colorado. She was a female who was also transitioning. She aided Devon Erickson in killing one and wounding six others.

In 2022, Anderson Lee Aldrich killed five and injured seventeen people at an LGBT-themed dance club in Colorado. Aldrich identifies as “non-binary,” and he may have been the trans version of an “incel killer.”

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