Victoria, Australia Minister of Health: 78% of those currently hospitalized with Covid-19 were fully vaccinated

Less than half of the residents are fully vaccinated

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, and Martin Foley, the Victoria Minister of Health, have announced new lockdown measures for the state. Andrews says new measures will target the unvaccinated.

During a press conference today, Health Minister Martin Foley stated that 78% of the people in hospitals with Covid-19 on September 27th were fully vaccinated. Another 17% of those hospitalized were partially vaccinated.

This is an extraordinary claim because fewer than half of Australians have been vaccinated. The official vaccination rate of Victoria is 47.7% for those 16 and over. However, another 31% have receive the first dose of an mRNA vaccine. Foley’s statements wildly contradict Andrews, who claimed that the unvaccinated were at a far higher risk of hospitalization.

Foley also reported four deaths allegedly caused by Covid-19. He said that only one of the deaths was a fully vaccinated person. Two of the people who died were in their 80s, one in their 70s, and another in their 50s.

Victoria currently has 375 people who are hospitalized with Covid-19. Of these, 81 are in intensive care, and 61 require a ventilator.

There are four vaccines available in Australia. Three of them, Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca, are the new mRNA vaccines. The fourth is a traditional carrier vaccine from Johnson and Johnson.

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