Vermont charity worker killed by female ax murderer

Suspect appears to be an immigrant from Africa

Zaaina Asra Zakirrah Mahvish-Jammeh, 38, was living in a homeless shelter in Battleboro, Vermont, since sometime last Summer.

On April 1st, she purchased an axe at a local hardware store. Two days later, she allegedly used it to hack Leah Rosin-Pritchard, 38, to death. It is being called a particularly brutal and savage murder. Mahvish-Jammeh was charged with first-degree murder and pleaded not guilty.

Leah Rosin-Pritchard worked for Groundworks Collaborative and coordinated the Morningside House, the homeless shelter where Mahvish-Jammeh was living.

The National Association of Social Workers [NASW] called on the US Congress to pass new legislation protecting social workers in the wake of her death. NASW wants congress to pass the Workplace Violence Act (S. 4412/H.R. 8492), which would provide ten million dollars in federal grants for security cameras and aid to victims of workplace violence. However, this would only document the violence and help the victims. It would not actually stop the violence.

Battleboro is a small town in rural Wyndham County. It is 92% White and less than 2% Black. Mahvish-Jammeh appears to be an immigrant from West Africa. Naturally, no media has speculated on her immigration status. A significant portion of the Black population in New England is African “refugees” brought to America using federal tax dollars. Many now live off welfare at tax-payer expense. Jammeh is most common in Gambia, a predominantly Islamic West African nation. Asra, Zakirrah, and Mahvish are Arabic/Islamic names that can be from anywhere.

Earlier this year, an Ethiopian immigrant savagely hacked a woman to death with a manchette in a rural area of Ohio.

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