WY Minority Whip posts violent Antifa material on Tik Tok

Deletes Tik Tok account after being exposed

One of the highest-ranking elected officials of the Wyoming Democratic Party used Tik Tok to post pro-Antifa images and a sound byte advocating “first-degree murder.”

Rep. Karlee Provenza, Minority Caucus Whip and self-described “witch,” was operating two Tik Tok accounts. One is an official page she uses for legislative updates, and the other was a personal account. She just deleted her personal account after people drew attention to violent Antifa materials.

Last June, she posted a video called “Extremist Eel,” in which a video of an eel is combined with a sound byte of a woman screaming for murder. In the wake of the Nashville transsexual mass shooter, she re-posted content from a Nashville-based Antifa merchandise company called Off Color Decals.

Provenza is the second highest ranking Democrat in the Wyoming House of Representatives.



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