Ukrainian President Zelensky urges US leaders to stop inciting panic over Russia

Can our leaders be trusted on Russia and Ukraine?

On Friday, major German media outlet Der Spiegel reported that the Biden Administration told German officials that Russia was plotting a potential invasion of Ukraine on February 16th. Der Spiegel says that CIA and U.S. Military sources even gave German officials a list of specific Russian units involved.

This came one day after Bloomberg, which falsely claimed Russia had already commenced an invasion on February 4th, said Russia would launch missiles and cyberattacks.

U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan told the public that a Russian invasion could come ahead of the Winter Olympics but would not evidence this.

Both the USA and Russia are accusing each other of plotting false flag attacks. Some Russian officials have cited the Der Spiegel article as evidence that the USA is preparing to conduct a false flag attack on February 16th. Separatists in Donetsk have issued statements warning that some western journalists could be U.S. intelligence operatives who intend to coordinate false flags.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zelensky publicly admonished the Biden administration for the second time. He told reporters, “all this information is only provoking panic and not helping us.” Zelensky urged Washington to stop stoking panic. He said that if Washington has firm evidence of an invasion, they should bring it directly to Ukraine.

Two weeks ago, major media outlets reported that Zelensky personally asked Joe Biden to tone down his rhetoric on Russia.

Biden is deploying more U.S. troops to Romania, Poland, and Slovakia.

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