Thug, who was supposed to be in prison, allegedly slaughters five women

His father is a BLM leader

In 2018, Derrick Thompson was driving recklessly on the shoulder of a road and hit a woman. The victim was in a coma for weeks and left permanently disabled. Thompson fled the scene and then fought with police officers.

In 2020, he accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to eight years. Yet he was out of prison fast enough to allegedly kill five ladies driving to a wedding in Minneapolis this weekend. Police say Thompson ran a red light while going over 95 miles per hour. The victims are East African women aged 17 to 20.

Thompson is the son of a high-profile Minnesota Black Lives Matter [BLM] leader named John Thompson. In the aftermath of deadly nationwide BLM riots, he was elected as a Minnesota State Rep in 2020. He clashed with other members of the Minnesota Democratic Party. So they expelled him from the party in 2021. They cited five allegations of domestic violence between 2003 and 2011. He was also accused of exposing himself to minors in 2011. However, he was never charged with a crime for these alleged incidents.

After being expelled from the Democratic Party, he falsely accused a cop of racially profiling him. He had been pulled over for not having a front license plate. Then he got a ticket for driving with a suspended license plate. He told the media he got a ticket for being Black.
He lost his primary to a Hmong woman, 89 to 11, in 2022.

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