Syrian & Tunisian suspects identified in shooting of Spanish politician

Triggerman may have fled to North Africa

A Syrian and a Tunisian have been fingered for the terrorist attack on Alejo Vidal-Quadras.

Alejo Vidal-Quadras, 78, is a co-founder of VOX and a longtime high-profile Spanish politician. He was shot in the face in front of his apartment on November 9th. He miraculously survived.

So far, one man has been arrested and charged with “attempted terrorist assassination.” He is only identified as Naraya G. His father was Syrian. However, media reports say a Jewish/Israeli stepfather primarily raised him at a hippie commune called Beneficio in the Las Alpujarras mountains.

After leaving Beneficio, Naraya G. has been seen on social media driving expensive cars and going on high-dollar vacations in Ibiza. He is also said to have become a hardline Shiite since leaving Beneficio.

The triggerman is said to be a Tunisian immigrant with a French residence and several criminal convictions in France. He is at large and has possibly fled the country.

Spanish authorities say they are investigating the possibility of involvement by a foreign government, specifically Iran or Morocco. A group based in Paris called the National Council of Resistance of Iran blamed the Iranian government. Meanwhile, some residents of Beneficio told a reporter that the Israeli Mossad was to blame. Some reports say the stepfather was expelled from the commune and returned to Israel.

Two other people have been arrested. One is the girlfriend of Naraya and has already been released. I can’t find any information on the other person. Police pieced together what happened because the gunman left the scene at a high rate of speed past multiple traffic cameras. Then, he illegally parked the car, drawing even more attention.

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