Suspect charged in the murder of Samantha Woll

Suspect finally announced

Samantha Woll is the high-profile left-wing activist and synagogue director who was stabbed to death inside her home in Detroit on October 21st.

Woll was a Black Lives Matter activist and hyped as being a leader of Michigan’s “Black-Jewish alliance.” After the election of Donald Trump, she launched a Jewish-Muslim group to promote open borders and Muslim immigration into the USA. According to local media, she had a Black Lives Matter sign in her front window when she was murdered.

A person of interest was arrested over the weekend but was not charged and arraigned until today. Wayne County DA Kym Worthy announced that Detroit resident Michael Manuel Jackson-Bolanos,” 28, is the suspect. She refused to state if he had a criminal record. However, National Conservative identified him as an ex-con from public records. He was previously released from prison on 8/19/2021.

Detroit police say he was initially detained for larceny and released. He was suspected of thefts in Woll’s neighborhood on the same night when she was stabbed to death. Police allegedly followed him and monitored all his activities for weeks, building this murder case.

The charges are felony murder, home invasion, and making false statements to a police officer. Kym Worthy says Samantha Woll did not know her killer. Worthy said, “There is not a shred of evidence that it was a hate crime.”

Samantha Woll is one of at least ten high-profile left-wing activists that have been murdered in 2023.



Samantha Woll


BLM sign at Samantha Woll’s house

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