SPLC Lead Attorney once posted “F@ck Israel” on Twitter

Who is Katrina Bleckley?

It has been discovered that SPLC Lead Attorney Katrina Bleckley once posted “F@ck Israel” on Twitter back in 2018. It is unclear if she was working for the SPLC at the time.

Someone with the same name was also present at a riot at the US Capitol building and participating in a chat room called “Global Intifada.” “Intifada” is an Arabic word for “shake off.” It is a word used by Palestinians for uprisings against Israel. The US capital police arrested three hundred people.

Bleckley locked down her Twitter account after the discoveries.

Peter Johnson, an SPLC staff attorney, is currently facing domestic terrorism charges in Georgia for his alleged role in arson and attacks on police officers.

Hanna Gais, who leads the SPLC’s “Hatewatch” project, has publicly glorified criminal violence against conservatives. She also once glorified Joseph Stalin on Twitter.


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