Soros co-funding take-over of newspapers in Poland & Slovakia

Soros also funded the take-over of newspapers in Maine.

The openly political Dutch-based media holding company Pluralis B.V. has purchased large stakes in key newspapers in Poland and Slovakia. Almost a fifth of the funding for these acquisitions came from George Soros.

Pluralis B.V. is funded by the Soros Economic Investment Fund and several other left-wing “non-profits.”

The new acquisitions include 40% of Gremi Media S.A., which owns Rzeczpospolita, the fourth-largest newspaper in Poland. It also acquired 34% of Petit Press, the second-largest newspaper company in Slovakia.

Soros openly describes Pluralis B.V. as having a political motive on his Open Society Foundations [OSF] website.

George Soro’s OSF is currently at war with the ruling parties of Poland and Slovakia, which it portrays as “a threat to democracy.” Slovakia just held an election, and the big winner was former Prime Minister Robert Fico and his party SMER. While SMER is an economically socialist party, it opposes immigration and homosexual marriage. Fico is seen as a significant ally of Hungarian leader Viktor Orban, who George Soros is openly fighting against.

Poland has a major election in four days. OSF has long campaigned against the ruling party of Poland, formerly known as Law and Justice, now called United Right.

Soros became a multi-billionaire from predatory currency speculation. He is most notorious in the USA for funding the campaigns of radical “progressive” chief prosecutors who have wreaked havoc on major American cities with soft-on-crime “racial justice” policies.

Recently, Soros helped fund a major take-over of newspapers in Maine. The National Trust for Local News [NTLN], a non-profit entity, purchased twenty-two newspapers from the Masthead Media Company. The acquisition includes five daily papers and seventeen weeklies. Multiple far-left non-profits helped fund the take-over.

Pluralis lists eight non-profits as funding its newspaper take-over in Poland and Slovakia. Most are openly left-wing. The Soros Economic Development Fund owns 17.4% of Puralis B.V.

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