Society of Professional Journalists finally issues weak condemnation of Antifa attacks on journalists

Antifa attacked a female journalist while calling her derogatory slurs

In the past, The Society of Professional Journalists Oregon Chapter [SPJ Oregon] had refused to comment when Antifa committed felonious violence against members of the media in their state.

However, the brutal attack on Maranie Staab has forced them into a corner. SPJ Oregon issued a feeble statement condemning the assault that only describes Antifa as “protesters wearing all black.” It goes on to allege that police commit the same kinds of violence against journalists. SPJ Oregon has never offered evidence that any police force has committed similar violence against media members.

Maranie Staab was assaulted, shot multiple times with paintball guns, sprayed with multiple chemical irritants, and had electronics destroyed. The attack took place on the east side of Portland, where Antifa launched a surprise attack on a patriotic rally held in a closed-down K-Mart parking lot. It was the second time Antifa has attacked Staab since May.

Maranie Staab is a Portland-based left of center freelanced journalist who has supported left-wing narratives about alleged police and right-wing violence.

Ironically, many left-wing militants on Twitter objected that she was called names like “slut” and “bitch,” but did not object to the violent attack. The attack seems very much like an anti-female hate crime, given the language used by the attackers. SPJ  Oregon seem like their primary objection is also the language used. They do not even mention most of the violence used against Staab in their statement.

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