Showtime’s “Everything’s Gonna Be All White” is a humiliating failure

Amanda Seale having a public meltdown

Recently Showtime came out with a tv show purporting to be “a deep dive into America’s past and present through the experiences of people of color.” It is called “Everything’s Gonna Be All White” and is a juvenile attempt to mock and demonize all White people.

The show has a rating of 3% on Rotten Tomatoes, which some call the lowest score in the website’s history. On YouTube, the trailer has received nearly thirty-five dislikes for every like. Showtime disabled comments for the trailer.

Seven days ago, Showtime published the series premiere on YouTube for free. It has only been viewed 50k times, even though Showtime is a verified partner and receives preferential treatment from YouTube’s distribution algorithms. Comments have been disabled, and it has over 13,000 dislikes and 578 likes, a ratio of nearly twenty-three to one.

The rest of the videos on the Showtime YouTube channel allow comments, so we assume that comments were disabled on these two videos out of embarrassment.

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