Gettysburg College hosting event to paint anti-White racial caricatures

Anti-White paintings will be put on public display

Melissa Trujillo

Gettysburg College, a private liberal arts college in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is hosting an event titled “Tired of white cis men?” A flyer for the event encourages students to come to a University facility to express their animosity towards straight White males. Students are encouraged to paint or write something derogatory about White men during the event.

The flyer states that paintings will be put on public display.

The event is being hosted by student organizer Melissa Trujillo and will take place at the Gettysburg College Gender and Sexuality Resource Center [GSRC].

The GSRC states, “We strive to establish a culture of support on campus for every person to feel safe and empowered to be their authentic selves.”

The event blatantly violates Gettysburg College’s community standards.

The best response to such unmitigated anti-White racial hatred is probably to ridicule it:

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