Penn State Researchers: Opposition to Black Lives Matter movement causes obesity in Black people

This is not satire!

Why are obesity rates higher in Black than Whites? Genetics? Diet? Exercise?

No, it is opposition to the Black Lives Matter political movement.

At least according to:

Hyun Joon Park, Department of Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University,
Sara Chari Francisco, Department of Sociology, The Pennsylvania State University,
M Rosemary Pang, Department of Political Science, The Pennsylvania State University.
Lulu Peng, Department of Communication Arts and Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University.
Gaungqing Chi, Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education, The Pennsylvania State University.

Here are their “results:”

After controlling for individual- and regional-level covariates, regional measures of racism and police brutality rate, and baseline BMI in 2014 aggregated on MMSA level, Black people had a higher BMI and prevalence of obesity in areas that showed higher negative stances on BLM. Stances against BLM were positively associated with implicit racism against Black people and can be an acute race-related stressor associated with negative downstream health outcomes.

Critics of the paper say it is loaded with anti-White bigotry and designed to demonize legitimate criticism of a political movement.

Penn State is paying these researchers base salaries of between $27k to $62k per year. This is only made possible by the massive taxpayer dollar to University pipeline. The Federal government has spent hundreds of billions guaranteeing student loans for University tuition under FFEL. Currently, 1.14 million of these FFEL loans are in default. Penn State is the 6th largest recipient of tuition money funded by student loans in the USA.

The federal government also gives Universities about $150 billion per year; about a third is direct funding for “research.”

Penn State is the same University that paid US President Joe Biden $911,643 over twenty-eight months to be a “presidential practice professor.” Joe Biden never taught a single class at Penn State during this time. Biden participated in about a half dozen panel discussions and gave one single lecture. Essentially, the school paid Joe Biden nearly one million dollars to use his name for less than two and a half years.

Of course, Joe Biden has also pocketed between $180k to $190k for individual speeches at other Universities.

Between direct funding and FFEL, tax dollars have resulted in university staff raising tuition to unbelievable rates while sending kickbacks to elected officials and pumping out transparently disingenuous, politically motivated, garbage “research.”


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