“Black Queer Theory” anthropologist says men & women have identical bones

University of Pittsburgh "Anthropologist" mocked by students

America’s University system has become a joke.

Meet Gabby Yearwood. He is the Faculty Director for the Center for Civil Rights and Racial Justice in the Law School at the University Pittsburgh. In other words, a professional Black racial activist who’s salary is paid for by student tuition, as well as state and federal tax dollars. The school is receiving federal tax dollars from the National Science Foundation [NSF] and the National Institutes of Health [NIH]. As well as through government backed students loans, which is essentially a taxpayer to University pipeline.

He is supposed to be an “anthropologist” whose specialty is “social constructions of race and racism, masculinity, gender, sex, Black Feminist and Black Queer theory, and anthropology of sport.”

He is on video claiming that anthropologists lack the ability to tell the difference between male and female skeletons. The student body bursts into laughter, because his statement is so obviously false.


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