OK House bans “trans” procedures for minors by vote of 80-18

Five states have already passed similar bills

House Bill 2177 passed 80-18. It will now be sent to the state Senate.

The bill bans the medical industry from providing minors with any treatment designed to cause permanent transsexual disfigurement. This includes hormonal treatments, hormone-blocking drugs, and surgeries.

Medical facilities already providing minors with hormonal drugs will have six months to ween them off them.

The Oklahoma bill goes even further than similar bills passed in other states. It also bars medical centers from receiving state funds if they provide transsexual procedures on adults. Insurance companies would also not be required to cover any transsexual procedures.

Click here for more information on the other states who have banned transsexual procedures for minors.

Meanwhile, several leaders of the Washington Senate want to legalize the harboring of out-of-state runaway minors to provide them with transsexual procedures.

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