Current number of illegals apprehended at the southern border each month is hard to believe

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In December of 2022, officials recorded 42,637 Cubans and 35,389 Nicaraguans encountered on the US border. In fact, the US Border Patrol and the Office of Field operations reports 264,889 enforcement actions in total. An all-time record in the history of the USA.

These are just the people who were apprehended on land. This does not even count people who snuck into the USA undetected. It also doesn’t include tens of thousands of people intercepted at sea and turned back.

The government of Mexico cooperates in taking back would-be illegal aliens from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador under America’s Title 42 enforcement program. In December, only 19.5% were subject to Title 42 enforcement.

The percentage of illegal aliens subject to Title 42 enforcement has been dwindling.

Total Encounters & Percentage of Title 42 enforcements:

October: 247.2k, 33.4%
November: 248.2k, 28.6%
December: 264.9k, 19.5%

Joe Biden also announced, in early January, that he was creating “new legal pathways” for Venezuelans, Cubans, and Haitians to come to the USA. Ten US Senators and sixty-six House members signed a letter calling on Biden to cease all Title 42 enforcement. They call for an unlimited number of illegal aliens to be allowed to cross the border, apply for asylum, and then be released into the United States.

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