Nebraska passes weak gutted bill to “protect” minors from being transitioned


On May 19th, the single chamber of the Nebraska legislature passed LB 574 by 31 to 15. The speaker then signed it. The bill was first passed on April 13th by 33 to 16. However, the single chamber must debate and pass each bill two times.

The bill was originally eight pages law and included new regulations for abortions and banned all transitioning of anyone under the age of 19.

The final version of the bill bans transsexual surgeries for anyone under 19. However, it allows minors to be given hormonal drugs once “they reach puberty.” It will require a minimum number of therapy hours and a minimum waiting period to receive the drugs. These minimums will be established by medical boards later on.

Nebraska is now the 20th state legislature to pass a bill like this, however it may be the weakest one yet.

One member of the Nebraska legislature, who opposed the bill, appeared to have a psychological meltdown. The video has gone viral online.


Also the Louisiana House passed HB 648 on May 16th. The bill is now in the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare.

What is most notable about the Louisiana bill is that seven Democrats voted in favor of it. The most Democrat support for such a bill ever.

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