Major separatist violence breaks out in the French controlled island of Corsica

Will NATO bomb France until they release Corsica, like they did to Serbia over Kosovo?

In 2014, the National Front for the Liberation of Corsica [FLNC] laid down its arms. The group was blamed for hundreds of attacks and fourteen murders over a thirty-eight-year period.

However, secessionist-fueled violence suddenly broke out again last week after Corsican separatist Yvan Colonna was savagely beaten in prison. The attack has left him in a coma. An estimated ten thousand people marched in support of Colonna, calling his attack a “state-sponsored assassination.”

However, after the peaceful march, the violence began and has continued for days.

Corsica has its own language called Corsica, which is a Romance language. Historical, much of the population also speaks Italian. In the 18th Century, Corsica spent 26 years fighting for independence from Genoa, only to be invaded by France 15 years later.

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