Major daycare chain sued after firing teacher for refusing to read LGBTQP+ propaganda to toddlers

The Thomas More Society has filed a lawsuit

The Thomas More Society has filed a lawsuit against Bright Horizons on behalf of Nelli Parinsenkova. Bright Horizons bills itself as the nations largest provider of employee sponsored day care.

Parinsenkova was allegedly fired from their Studio City, Los Angels, California location for refusing to read LGBT propaganda to children aged one to five.

The Thomas More Society accused Bright Horizons of religious discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, and retaliation.

Bright Horizons says they are committed to “Diverse Authors.” However, what they mean is that they promote politically motivated authors who aim to indoctrinate young children with radical LGBT and racial ideologies.

Related: Bright Horizons recently agreed to settlements to two lawsuits for child sexual abuse in Orlando, Florida.

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