Keith Olbermann demands anti-establishment progressive Jimmy Dore be de-platformed

Keith Olbermann can not compete in an open market

Jimmy Dore is an anti-establishment/anti-war self-described “progressive.” He seems to attract a broad fan base because he comes across as far more genuine than left of center, corporate media personalities.

He is now being targeting for de-platforming by corporate left-wing media personalities. Now Keith Olberman has publicly called for him to be de-platformed.

While Olbermann is best known for being a former major personality on MSNBC and ESPN, he is washed up now. He went from cable news to an online show for the Gentlemen’s Quarterly [GQ] website, which no one watched. Now his GQ online show is gone, and he doesn’t appear to be doing a show for anyone. He makes weekly two-minute rant videos on Youtube, and despite being promoted by Youtube, his videos only get about 50k views each, and he only has 150k subscribers.

Jimmy Dore has 882k Youtube subscribers.

Keith Olbermann can not compete in an open market of ideas, so he wants his competition banned!

The Youtube alternative Odysee is attracting large numbers of anti-establishment left of center Youtubers who seem to despise the way Youtube is going just as much as conservatives do. They say they have been demonetized and had their distribution throttled, just as Youtube has done to thousands of conservatives.

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