Twitter “mass amnesty” seems to have evaporated since last Friday

Has the mass amnesty fizzled out?

National Conservative has been closely following the alleged “mass amnesty” on Twitter. According to Elon Musk, the amnesty began the final week in November. Most days, we do not see great evidence that a mass amnesty of the many thousands of banned conservative accounts is underway. 

On the contrary, usually, the largest unbanned accounts contain a very high percentage of what looks like spam or even automated bots. We see a lot of “e-girls” that look like generic stock photos. Fan pages for pop stars, sports, anime, video games, and others that seem spammy. Accounts that retweet an absurd amount of material per day.

Friday, December 16th, was the first day it looked like a mass amnesty was underway. This website documented the largest forty-four accounts unbanned that day.

These were primary high-quality accounts that were banned for conservative views or posting about Covid-19 treatments. A large percentage were banned between November 2020 and the first week of February 2021. So accounts banned during a specific time period were being targeted. Among these accounts were thirteen with legacy blue checkmarks. There were also multiple medical doctors.

Since that day, sadly, evidence of a mass amnesty has evaporated. The number of unbanned accounts and the quality of these accounts have been very low. Many look like spam bots. Many of these accounts immediately began sending hundreds of retweets per day. Or they are tweeting what looks like stock photos.

This has been quite confusing. Elon Musk alleges that a mass amnesty is underway. However, he has not actually spoken about it for weeks now. At the same time, he continues to claim he is purging Twitter of automated bots. Many of the accounts being unbanned look like automatic bots themselves. On December 19th, the third largest unbanned account even has “bot” in the name.

December 17th:

Rebekah Jones, 360k, 2021
青空ひかり(本垢), 145K, April
Football Banter, 105K, June
SLY Sports Football, 95K, July
Football United, 85K, June
Dudja, 75k, 2017
SILVANO, 75K, 2021

December 18th:

Apollo Fintech, 89K, 2021
Arab Language, 69K, 2019
Canada’s Freedom Radio, 50K, unknown
Greg Toussaint, 46K, 2021
Anime Visuals, 34K, 2021
Demon Slayer, 26K, 2021

December 19th:

Satan, 2M, 2020
Will Reeve Jr., 48K, April
thisvideobot, 39K, Feb
Dave, 8K, 2019
Bertrand Ndongo Fake, 4K, 2020
alex, 3K, 2019

December 20th:

GSM, 15K, Mar
Silvi, 13K, May
Sir Bob, 6K, 2021
Mb, 2.6K, 2020
Chris Connor, 2K, 2021
Jason Z. Christie, 1.7K, 2018
Iron Patriot, 1.3K, 2018
DOMI, 1.1K, 2020
Censorship is our friend, 1.1K, 2021

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Reuben Hayat
1 year ago

Steve Sailer was just banned – for citing FBI crime statistics. Can’t have that!