Jared Taylor and E. Michael Jones will debate live at 4:00 PM EST, streaming on four different platforms

Taylor and Jones will debate issues around race and culture

Jared Taylor and E. Michael Jones will debate issues of race and culture at 4:00 PM EST/EDT, today August 21st.

Bucharest/Helsinki/Moscow: 11:00 PM
Paris/Berlin/Prague: 10:00 PM
Lisbon/Dublin/London: 9:00 PM
Eastern: 4:00 PM
Central: 3:00 PM
Mountain: 2:00 PM
Pacific: 1:00 PM

The debate was originally supposed to take place at a conference in Croatia in 2020. This was cancelled because of Covid-19 restrictions.

The debate will be aired live on four different platforms. Entropy, DLive, Trove, and Odysee

A special Question & Answer session will take place on Entropy after the debate.

This is the original promo:

The latest update on the debate:

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