Hundreds of “Black Hebrews” protest in front of Barclay Center in Brooklyn

Chanting "we are the real Jews"

This flyer was being passed out by the marchers.

Members of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement staged a giant march in front of Barclay Center to support NBA player Kyrie Irving.

The march appears to have been organized by Israel United in Christ. This group is known for its members wearing purple clothing with gold fringe. The group is led by Bishop Nathaniel, who insists they are non-violent. Bishop is one of several Black Hebrew Israelite leaders who have tried to expand overseas and famously had dinner with former Liberian Warlord Joshua “General Butt Naked” Blahyi in 2018.

The Black Hebrew Israelites are divided into several different organizations. They are among the most well-organized Black racial militants in America. The various groups seem to overlap with the Nation of Islam, various Nation of Islam splinter groups, and the sovereign citizens’ movement. They often clash with less militant Black organizations.

The core belief is that sub-Saharan Africans are “God’s Chosen People,” and the modern-day Jews are usurpers that co-opted their identity.

In 1974, Marcus Wayne Chenault Jr., 23, murdered Alberta Williams King, mother of Martin Luther King Jr., as she played the organ in the famous Ebenezer Baptist Church. Chenault was a follower of a Black Hebrew Israelite preacher in Ohio. He told authorities that “all Christians are my enemy.” He viewed the Black clergy as the White man’s gatekeepers to keep Blacks from realizing their full potential. In 1990, members of the Miami-based Nation of Yahweh were charged with fourteen separate murders. Some were random Black-on-White killings. There have been numerous murders and attempted murders since then. Although, this website is unaware of any specific crimes committed by members of Bishop’s group.

Left-wing “hate monitoring” groups largely ignore the entire movement, as do most media outlets. Local media have completely censored massive marches by the movement in the past.

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