Hate Crime Hoax #101,539, Black man arrested for painting racial slurs on autism center

Do these events ever turn out to be a non-hoax?

Have you ever seen one of these stories turn out to be a non-hoax? Ever? These hoaxes continue daily because the perps are never held accountable, and the media will pretend they are true.

On August 9th, police found swastikas and “n-words” on the Emory University Autism Center in DeKalb County, Georgia.

Now, police have arrested a former Black part-time employee, Roy Lee Gordon Jr.

Now, University of North Georgia professor Matt Boedy says he received a piece of mail that contained the image of a swastika. It is also being alleged that someone drew “anti-sematic” graffiti on a High School in Cobb County, GA. Will these turn out to be hate crime hoaxes #101,540 and #101,541?

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