Gypsy mob attacks Ukrainians in Czech Republic

Ukrainian refugees are a threat to public benefits for Gypsies

Last month, a memorial for a Gypsy homicide victim turned into a large anti-Ukrainian rally.

A young Gypsy male was stabbed to death during some kind of confrontation with a Ukrainian. During the vigil/rally, a close friend of the victim told the crowd, “naučil si mě jak podělávat gadže.” The word “gadže” is slang for White people. “Podělávat” is also a slang term loosely translated to “screw over.” It means to cheat, trick, or steal.

Since then, tensions have been high. At least one outbreak of mob violence has just occurred in the town of Krupa, west of Prague.

Gypsies gathered outside an apartment complex where Ukrainian are staying and hurled projectiles at people.

The primary underlying reason for Gypsy anger at Ukrainian refugees is competition for public benefits.


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